Privacy Policy

This is how we process data collected here.
  1. Information Collected & It's Usage

    When you create an account, you submit to us your name, surname, phone, and your education level. This information is stored safely in our database for use within this website and or Application. Some of this information is stored for future use such as when competing with the other users.
  2. We may share your phone number with third party services such as PayNow for transactional purposes.
  3. Public Data

    This website and it's applications may use public data form other websites to enhance your experince. This may include styling sheets from Bootstrap, Fonts from Google or Icons from Font Awesome.
  4. Data Storage

    Your information is securely stored in our database with encryption to prevent unauthorized access although no encryption method is 100% secure.
  5. Tracking & Cookies

    We log your device information when you log in or create an account with us. This to enhance certain features in our app.
  6. We use Cookies to store your web, browser based settings for this site only. This inlcudes data for showing / displaying quotes on the page and whether to display a single page for text books or questions papers.
  7. Modifying or Deleting Your Personal Information

    We do not let other third party services to tamper with your information.
  8. Data Security

    We use Advanced Encryption Methods along with Hashing to secure your data from unauthorized ()
  9. Changes to this Policy

    This privacy policy may be reviewed and updated any time, with or without prior notice.