App Development

Development of Mobile and Desktop application.

What we develop

At Caasi, we develop mobile and desktop applications.
Mobile apps are the programs we use on our devices for example, Whatsapp and in the mean time, we develop for the android platform only in Java.

Desktop apps are more powerful computer programs for example Microsoft Word and in the meantime, we develop in Python, C Plus Plus, C, Go, C Sharp, VB and Java. However, we no longer develop app in VB.

We can create offline or online applications with api encryption.

How we develop

C Sharp

Android Java

Desktop Java

Python for Desktop

what we developed

Sasai Momentiser


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Techzim App




Related developments

We also offer white hat related reverse engineering / penetration testing for mobile apps and dekstop apps based on the dot net framework. Send us your thoughts or feedback via the contact us page located here.